About adraas

Adraas – Real Time Environment for Dispute Resolution is a cloud-based, end-to-end technology solution curated for use by Arbitral Institutions, Corporates (including PSUs), Law Firms and Arbitrators. Adraas stands for ADR as a Service and exclusively offers arbitration technology solutions for administering Arbitrations.

Adraas enables institutions to perform internal case management and simultaneously offer shared case management services to their clients. By integrating document management, case calendar management, electronic hearings management, in-built communication systems, real-time calendar linked alerts through SMS/emails, Adraas also facilitates real-time conduct of arbitrations.

Please see below an overview of their key features: –


Advanced Case Management: Advanced Case Management solution enables storing, sorting and management of information relating to multiple Arbitration cases using a single and shared platform. Designed to improve organizational efficiencies, Adraas offers robust and flexible workflows consisting of various forms and data entry fields that enable users to collect all case related information in one place.

Real-time Environment for Dispute Resolution: Designed to improve case and process efficiencies, Adraas offers a state-of-the-art end-to-end integrated technology for real time conduct of arbitrations. Based on standard international arbitration procedures, the flexible, user-friendly and hi-tech workflows enable quicker arbitration turnaround time and greater cost efficiency. This solution requires all parties to an arbitration to be signed up on Adraas.

Service Integrations

⦁ Document Management System: In-built document management system allows stakeholders to upload and access electronic case bundles from anywhere, anytime.
⦁ Case Calendar Management: Editable procedural timetable linked with integrated calendar allows easy access to the entire case calendar on the user’s personalized dashboard.
⦁ Realtime Alerts and Notifications: Users receive SMS and email reminders for upcoming deadlines as well as notifications regarding activities and status updates.
⦁ Invoice and Payments Management: Flexible payment management system enables parties to upload or access invoices, and also make or receive payments offline or through an integrated payment gateway.
⦁ Hearings Management: Adraas offers parties the flexibility to schedule and reserve offline hearings or opt for online hearings using our integrated video conferencing suite.
⦁ Communications Management: In-built instant messaging and email facility ensure that all communication relating to a case remains confined to the portal. Such information is not only easy to retrieve later on but also secure, in comparison to information transmitted through emails.

How to avail the service through HAC:

To the seamless adminstration of arbitaions and mediations, the case management software of Adraas is offered to the clients as an add-on service by HAC.