International & Domestic Dispute Resolution
through institutional administration of
Arbitration & Mediation.

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Empanelment of
Arbitrators & Mediators

HAC is inviting applications from qualified and experienced Arbitrators & Mediators to be empanelled with HAC.

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Welcome to Hyderabad Arbitration Centre

‘Hyderabad Arbitration Centre’ (HAC) is established in the year 2019 under a not-for-profit Trust – “Hyderabad’s International Arbitration Association” (HIAA); to promote ADR mechanisms through ‘institutional arbitration’ & ‘institutional mediation’. It is the first ever ‘Institutional Arbitration & Mediation Centre’ in Hyderabad, Telangana that aims to address the need to institutionalising arbitrations and mediations. For this purpose, HAC has framed its own robust and progressive set of “Arbitration Rules” and “Mediation Rules” which govern the administration of arbitrations and mediations. The Rules are published in the year 2020.

Services we provide

We provide best in class service for our Customers.

Institutional Arbitration

‘Ad-hoc’ Arbitration is now passé and Institutional Arbitration sifts through the formalities in a more streamlined manner, without losing the most important feature of arbitration – “party autonomy”.

Institutional Mediation

The epitome for justifying the phrase – ‘time is the essence’ for parties in a commercial dispute, who wish to resolve without biding much time before the traditional courts or also as a precursor to Arbitration.


HAC assists the parties in dispute with all procedural things, right from appointment of a neutral as the Arbitrator or the Mediator in a dispute, until the rendering of the Award or Settlement.

Venues / Hearing Rooms

HAC is currently equipped with two conference / hearing rooms. However, being strategically located in the midst of the financial hub of Hyderabad, known as ‘Hi-Tech City’, external venues can be arranged to accommodate the parties’ budget and seating requirement.


HAC collaborates with organisations and professionals to organise training/workshops, conferences, etc. which provides the ADR practitioners to network and gain insights into the latest trends of practice. 

Secretarial Services

HAC provides a personnel to assist the Arbitrator or Mediator in clerical tasks viz., video/audio conferencing, stenography, printing & stationery, caucus rooms, etc. Translation/ Transcription on demand.

Upcoming Events

HAC is collaborating with other organisations / institutions to design workshops or training courses in ADR arenas as part of its education initiative.

Coming Soon…

Service Providers​

Service Providers​

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